Jenna Ortega returns in a thriller on the high seas: Finestkind trailer

Jenna Ortega returns in a thriller on the high seas: Finestkind trailer

The Wednesday star finds himself embroiled in the Boston crime syndicate in this streaming film for Paramount Plus.

While waiting for the Beetlejuice2 by Tim Burton in the cinema, Jenna Ortega will make its return in streaming in Finestkind, a streaming movie for Paramount Plus. Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September, this high-seas thriller tells the story of how two sailor brothers sign a deal with the Boston crime syndicate to keep their father’s boat.

The story takes us to New Bedford, Massachusetts, the largest commercial fishing port in the United States. Two brothers – who did not grow up together and in two opposite social backgrounds – meet again as adults during one fateful summer. Their father in the hospital, they decide to take out his fishing boat to take over, but go to collect fish in Canadian waters. Strictly prohibited, obviously. They are forced to find $100,000 to avoid losing the boat.

Jenna Ortega enters the scene. The young woman will invite them to make easy money by participating in drug trafficking. Here are the two brothers involved in the Boston crime syndicate.

In front of Jenna Ortegawe will see Ben Foster and Toby Wallace, while Tommy Lee Jones will play the father.

Directed and written by Brian Helgeland, Finestkind will stream on Paramount Plus starting December 15, 2023.

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