Jordan Peele's mysterious next film ultimately won't be released in 2024

Jordan Peele says his next film might be his ‘favourite’

“If I do it right…” The filmmaker is very enthusiastic when talking about his next project.

Guest at the microphone of the podcast Conan O’Brein Needs A Frienddirector Jordan Peele expressed his fourth project in gestation. First comedy actor from the famous duo Key and Peele on American television, he made a thunderous entry into Hollywood thanks to his first film Get Out which was a public and critical success, nominated four times for the Oscars. Jordan Peele then comfortably established itself as the new flagship of the horror and social thriller with Us And Nope.

However, it has remained very secret since the announcement of a fourth film, of which even the title has not yet been revealed. Universal has only communicated the release date of the project in December 2024. Of course the development of the film, like many others, has suffered a delay as a result of the historic strike of writers and actors:

Obviously, it’s been an interesting year because the writers’ strike put me in a state of listening, and that’s where I need to be” explains the filmmaker.

Jordan Peele’s mysterious next film ultimately won’t be released in 2024

I feel like my next project is clear to me, and I’m excited to have another movie that, you know, could be my favorite movie if I do it right” announcement Jordan Peele. Enough to arouse the curiosity of the public and fans of his cinema. What will your favorite movie be like? Jordan Peeleby Jordan Peele ?

We will have to wait another year before having the answer to this question, hoping that he can make his film “correctly” in his words. To make us wait, his favorite actor Daniel Kaluuyastarring in his first and third films, makes his directorial debut in the upcoming Netflix film The Kitchenwhich will be available on January 19 on the platform.

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