Josh Brolin steps behind the camera for season 2 of Outer Range (Trailer)

Josh Brolin steps behind the camera for season 2 of Outer Range (Trailer)

In Wyoming, the mystery thickens around this gaping flaw in the American complaint…

The first season was a great success with spectators. With Josh Brolin (Dune, No Country for old men) in the lead role and this neo-western and science fiction mix, Outer RangeEdit delivered a convincing first season last year.

HAS First, we wrote: “The initial strength of Outer Range is to succeed in inscribing its story into an immemorial history, to resonate the echo of contemporary apocalyptic anxieties in the middle of the American pastoral, by observing a cowboy suddenly petrified with stupor.”

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On the plains, Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) owns a ranch coveted by a neighboring family, the Tillersons. The cowboy fights to preserve his land and to maintain the unity of his family, torn apart by the disappearance of a loved one. But at the heart of this drama appear strange phenomena which are accompanied by a mysterious gaping hole in the middle of the fields…

For this season 2, the mystery thickens.

“What do you know about this hole?” Nothing is certain yet but the trailer suggests that this fault would in reality be a portal connecting temporalities. While the extract begins with a monologue from Josh Brolin about time, this element seems to be at the heart of the plot for this second season. He opens and closes the trailer: “Time reveals all things.” In this temporal struggle where more and more inexplicable events occur, Royal Abbott and his wife Cecilia try to hold back the last threads binding the family following the sudden disappearance of their granddaughter.

For the first time, the cowboy will go behind the camera and direct episode 6 – of which he will also be the executive producer alongside Brad Pitt. He confided:

“I was always interested in directing from a technical point of view. I learned different things from different directors. I learned from the Coen brothers not to expect compliments after each take.”

Season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime on May 16.

Outer Range season 2 reveals date and first preview on Prime Video

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