Julie's team in 12 chapters is preparing a new film for Arte

Julie’s team in 12 chapters is preparing a new film for Arte

Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier will once again be at the helm of this next project, with Renate Reinsve in the lead role.

Julie (in 12 chapters) is a Norwegian drama film directed by Joachim Trier, released in theaters in 2021. He enjoyed great critical success, winning the Best Actress Prize at Cannes in 2021, for Renate Reinsve the lead actress and landing several nominations, including two at the Oscars and one at the Césars in 2022.

The film tells the tormented love life of Julie (Renate Reinsve), a thirty-year-old living in Oslo, whose heart swings between Aksel, her loving boyfriend, and Eivind, another man. Even if the film did not break records at the French box office, it still has the merit of having remained on display for six months (from October 13, 2021 to April 13, 2022) which is not so common for a film of this type. It has accumulated a total of 221,136 entries in France.

Renate Reinsve, Julie’s dazzling revelation (in 12 chapters)

Even if Arte provides very little information on its next co-production, we know that Joachim Trier will be carried out accompanied by Eskil Vogt to the scenario, already present on Julie (in 12 chapters). The working title is Sentimental value And Renate Reinsve is the only actress confirmed in the casting at the moment, certainly in the leading role.

Arte and MK Production were also involved in the previous film by Sort and are there for the next one, filming of which is planned from August to October 2024 in Norway, France and Germany. The film tells the story of a director trying to reconnect with his daughters who recently lost their mother, during the filming of his next film.

Bérénice Béjo, Gael Garcia Bernal and Renate Reinsve reunited to star in a science fiction film

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