Watchmen will be back... in a new animated film!

Alan Moore wants money from his future adaptations to go to Black Lives Matter

The creator of Watchmen is tired of seeing his works misused by the entertainment industry.

We are used to whatAlan Moore destroys superhero films, and is reluctant to adapt his works to the screen. In 2020, he called the genre “grotesque” and worried about adults’ obsession with superhuman characters in 2022. This year, his view hasn’t changed: the creator of Watchmen still doesn’t approve of recent adaptations of his stories.

“I don’t even want (the money) to be shared with them anymore. I don’t feel like they stuck to their original principles, so I asked DC Comics to send all money from future films or series to Black Lives Matter”, he declared to the Telegraph.

If Moore has no control over the productions adapted from his comics, he has always refused to have his name associated with them. At the exit of Watchmen in 2019, he returned to a tense exchange with Damon Lindelof, the creator of the HBO series.

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“I explained to him that I disavowed the work he was doing and that it was partly because the movie industry and the comic book industry created things that had nothing to do with my work, but which remain associated with it in the public mind. So I just told him: Look, this is embarrassing for me. I don’t want anything to do with you or your show. Please don’t bother me again.”

However, even without Alan Moore, the series Watchmen by Damon Lindelof ended up being a huge critical success, garnering 11 Emmy Awards. A success that he was far from understanding: “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, maybe a lot of the audience now thinks this is Watchmen?! Maybe they think my comic was a dark, gritty, dystopian superhero franchise that had something to do with white supremacy…'”.

Further in the interview with The Telegraphthe screenwriter also returns to V for Vendettaexplaining that the fascist anthem he wrote for fiction became that of the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront. “The person who posted it said ‘after reading these beautiful words, I can’t help but think he’s secretly one of us.’ So yes, apparently, I am very well regarded by the Nazis”he quipped.

Alan Moore is now working on a series of fantasy novels set in 20th century Britain. “In recent times the genre seems to have been reduced to the world of warriors, dragons, and for some reason dwarves, Tolkien or George RR Martin (…) It’s a shame to always play the same note on the piano, let’s try to have fantastic visions that no one has had before”he concluded.

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