Jurassic World 4: Will Gareth Edwards be the director of the film?

Jurassic World 4: Will Gareth Edwards be the director of the film?

The director of Rogue One and The Creator is in talks to take the helm of the next installment of the Jurassic franchise.

After three films in 2015, 2018 and 2022, the franchise Jurassic Worldserving as continuity to the saga Jurassic Park created by Steven Spielberg, continues with a fourth film in preparation. Director David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Bullet Train) was initially approached to produce this new episode but disagreements with the Universal studio undermined the negotiations.

Variety reveals that it is now Gareth Edwardsto whom we owe Godzilla (2014), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and the recent The Creator (2023), which would be in discussions with the studio to take control of the blockbuster. Nevertheless, David Leitch is not completely ousted from the project since he will participate in its production with his partner Kelly McCormick and their company 87North.

Disagreement over Jurassic World 4, David Leitch will not direct the film

The daddy of dinosaurs Steven Spielberg is also part of the big team of producers with his company Amblin. The film does not yet have a title but we already know that it is David Koepthe screenwriter of the first Jurassic Park and of The Lost World: Jurassic Parkwill write the plot of this fourth opus of Jurassic World.

A priori, the feature film should begin a new narrative phase of the franchise and be released on July 2, 2025 in the United States. The casting of the previous parts, bringing together Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Neill, Laura Dern And Jeff Goldblum is not yet confirmed for this new project (normally they should not even be present). However, David Leitch can be reassured since his next action comedy The Fall Guywith Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt hits theaters on May 1, 2024.

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