Why Julia Roberts always refused to shoot nude

Why Julia Roberts always refused to shoot nude

The actress explains this “deliberate” choice that she made “for herself”.

She was the prostitute of Pretty Woman. She starred in the very sensual Closer by Mike Nichols. And yet, Julia Roberts has never appeared naked on screen. In the latest issue of Vogue UK, she explains her choice.

Interviewed by her director Notting HillRichard Curtis, she confides: “The things I choose not to do on screen are representative of me. I had a great career classified as “general public” and this is a good example.Julia Roberts continues and develops:

“I’m not criticizing other actresses’ choices, but for me, not stripping in a film or being physically vulnerable is a choice I made for myself! It’s deliberate. I would say that I choose not to do certain things rather than choosing to do something.”

Finally, she admits that being a young star today is different from what she experienced in the 1990s: “Oh, it’s completely different. I really feel like a dinosaur. When we see the business, the evolution in Hollywood. Everything changed. Somehow it seems so saturated! There are so many elements to being famous now, it’s exhausting. Everything seems more chaotic to me. There’s more noise, there’s more media, there’s more stuff everywhere“.

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