Killer Coaster: the Lamy family leads the investigation (trailer)

Killer Coaster: the Lamys put on their show (review)

A gently lit fairground slasher comedy, wrapped in a delightful 90’s atmosphere.

In the Lamy family, I ask for Alexandra (star of A boy a girl), his sister Audrey (star of Scenes of households) and daughter Chloé (star of Derby Girl). All three are brought together for the first time on screen in this improbable genre series: Killer Coaster. This new creation for Prime Video is arriving today on the platform and the least we can say is that the Lamy family is enjoying it.

The story takes us back to the heyday of France 98. In the Palavas-les-Flots theme park, vacationers are rare, too busy at the beach and with the Football World Cup. And a mysterious accident that occurs in her ghost train will not help the affairs of Yvanne, a young fairground girl who has taken over her father’s rides and is fighting with neighboring families to keep her attractions…

Full of humor and second degree, Killer Coaster plunges with glee into the world of fairgrounds, through a horror comedy that never goes where we expect it. Even if she doesn’t always know which way to dance, the farce has its effect as long as we let ourselves be carried away by her deliberately zany tone.

The Lamy sisters are having a blast. Alexandra has a blast as a clumsy contract worker who thinks she’s a CIA agent, while Audrey shines as a traveling girl who doesn’t want to be crushed by this world of men. Alex Lutz does the show as a cartoon commissioner and the funfair atmosphere of the 90s does the rest. The synthesizers blast the balloons while the bumper cars crash. It smells like cotton candy even on our sofa… So, let’s go, ladies and gentlemen, don’t hesitate and take your ticket to this palace of laughter that looks like a ghost train!

Killer Coaster, in 8 episodes, to watch on Prime Video from September 15, 2023.

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