Kyle MacLachan reveals his characters' favorite movies from Sex and the City and Twin Peaks

Kyle MacLachan reveals his characters' favorite movies from Sex and the City and Twin Peaks

On Letterboxd, the actor had fun attributing films to Dale Cooper and Trey MacDougal… and it’s quite funny!

He was Paul Atréides before Timothée Chalamet in the Dune by David Lynch. He is now starring in the Amazon Prime Video series, fallout. Kyle MacLachan has marked the history of cinema and television series with emblematic characters with distinct personalities. So much so that one might wonder what kind of film they would watch.

The answer is obvious and it is the actor himself who gives it to the greatest pleasure of the fans. Relayed by the American media Entertainment Weeklythe actor recently had fun on Letterboxthe favorite application of movie buffs, to imagine the list of favorite films of four of his roles: agent Dale Cooper from Twin PeaksTrey MacDougal in Sex and the CityCaptain George Van Smoot in How I met Your Mother and Orson Hodge in Desperate Housewives. The result is amusing and quite correct.

Of Blue Velvet has Dune, Kyle MacLachan is David Lynch's favorite actor. In the strange and terrifying cult series from the 90s, he plays an FBI agent investigating the murder of a high school student, Laura Palmer, in the small isolated American town of Twin Peaks.

Also, as a good self-respecting agent, Dale Cooper counts among his favorite films some noir films like Laura (1944) in which an inspector investigates the murder of a beautiful, rich and successful young woman. As well as'Autopsy of a murder (1959) by the same director, one of the most accurate trial films according to law professors, and Window onto courtyard by Alfred Hitchock. Also a fan of Lynch and the mysterious, Cooper loves Blue Velvet And Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me which traces the last seven days of Laura Palmer.

Trey MacDougal, recurring character in the series Sex and the City is far from Dale Cooper. Cardiac, he was the perfect man for Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) until their marriage turned upside down. If he likes Braveheart, it is above all because he is Scottish.

Crime films with femme fatales? Too little for him. Instead, we find more or less discredited comedies from the 90s and 2000s revolving around teenagers who are into things: American Pie, The Girl Next Door, 40 years old, still a virgin…More recently, he loved The challenge with Jennifer Lawrence. Not surprising coming from a character with some problems in bed.

When it comes to Bree Van de Kamp's former partner, Kyle Machlachlan can let loose and offer his best dark humor recommendations. Erotic thriller Fatal attraction to the crazy musical Little Shop of Horrors passing through the cruel How to kill your boss? or the aptly named Don't shoot the dentisthe delivers a wickedly funny list evoking all his faults – and those of his playing partners – in Desperate Housewives. It's a bit of a spoiler, but it should bring back fond memories for fans of Marc Cherry's series!

Passionate about navigation, George Van Smoot, nicknamed “Captain”, has sea legs and seems to have only ONE particular genre of film: he loves the sea and boats. That is just about everything. It is therefore not surprising to see Moby-Dick, Titanicor Das Boot.

If for the moment Kyle MacLachan has only made four lists, perhaps we can hope for new lists. Would Paul Atréides add on Letterboxd the Dune by Denis Villeneuve? The Godfather ?

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