The cast still doesn't know what Fallout season 2 will be about

The cast still doesn't know what Fallout season 2 will be about

Ella Purnell and Moises Arias admit to not being aware of what happens next.

fallout confirms to be a big success for Amazon. And season 2 will take place on Prime Video. Jonathan Nolan told us that they already have a plan for several seasons. But he clearly hasn't disclosed it to the casting yet.

The actor Moises Ariaswho plays Norm, Lucy's little brother, tells that he hasn't been told anything about the sequel:

“No, I haven't been told about season 2 yet… I've speculated on some things, but at the end of the day, speculation doesn't go anywhere!”

The actor says he is “prepared for anything, because these characters are in a sticky situation to say the least at the end of season 2” He still admits that a large part of Norm's story heading into the second season will be about discovering the truth behind his father's role in the Vault.

On his side Ella Purnell (Lucy) made more or less the same confession to an Indian site: “Expect the unexpected. We don't know what's going to happen (in season 2). It's falloutbaby !”

Clearly, the writing is still in progress and the scripts have obviously not yet been sent to the casting. Which suggests that season 2 of fallout is not for now.

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