Shannen Doherty lets loose and swings behind the scenes of Charmed

Shannen Doherty lets loose and swings behind the scenes of Charmed

She returns in particular to her “rivalry” with Alyssa Milano and the chaotic filming of a hellish season 2. Obviously, it’s still not digested.

The sudden departure of Shannen Dohertyafter only three seasons of Charmedmarked the small screen of the 2000s. While she had already slammed the door of Beverly Hills, 90210, a decade earlier (another Aaron Spelling production) the actress abandoned the Halliwell sisters because filming had become unbearable. Particularly alongsideAlyssa Milano, which had attracted the light to it. That Shannen Doherty admits today in a podcast, alongside Holly Marie Combsthe third sister of Charmedvisibly caught in the crossfire.

First, Doherty explains that this “rivalry“between girls reminded him of the days of 90210. She remembers that her California comrades had been “super angry” upon learning that she was going to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone, solo. “I wasn’t going to say no to a Rolling Stone cover,” she defends herself thirty years later.

The star, who has suffered from advanced cancer for years – and which has recently spread to her bones – says that for Charmed, the matter was a little different. Indeed, the series had “was initially sold to the chain on my name! So that meant something.” Especially sinceAlyssa Milano didn’t join the cast until after the pilot. It is Lori Rom who played Phoebe Halliwell in the first version of the first episode. She ultimately refused the job for religious reasons (she didn’t want to be a witch), opening the door to Milano and a cascade of confusion behind the scenes.

“We then went back to a girl rivalry. I’m not saying with (Holly), I’m saying between Alyssa and myself. There was a lack of female support. I’ve had the same publicist for years and she could confirm to you that I don’t care if others make magazine covers.” But tension quickly rose between Shannen Doherty And Alyssa Milanoespecially during season 2. Indeed, Holly Marie Combs suffered serious health problems and had to undergo major surgery. Shannen Doherty tell : “Hospitals scare me since my father was ill there. So I waited 23 hours after Holly’s operation to go see her. It was complicated for me. And then, when I arrived, I came across Alyssa and her mom telling me I couldn’t even come in. They were stopping people from seeing Holly! At the time she didn’t know and Holly texted me asking why I wasn’t coming not visit her! It was painful, and I felt like I had abandoned her. But I was also angry…”

Suffice to say that the atmosphere deteriorated, in the process, on the filming of season 2 of Charmed. “This (Milano) family broke in and caused this weird divide between the two of us, which then continued throughout Season 2. I think I cried every night of Season 2.”

Holly Marie Combs admits that this second season of Charmed was difficult for everyone because “There was a lot going on behind the scenes.” And the actress agrees that she leaned more towardsAlyssa Milano that time : “I didn’t really have any family at that time, so when this family came and adopted me, so to speak, it was very appealing. But for me, I wanted everyone to get along. I wanted that the show was successful. There were no angels or demons in this affair. We all have our bad days and our good days. We all could have behaved better at times. But we didn’t quite aware of how lucky we were…”

In any case, Shannen Doherty visibly still has it in his throat and when we talk to him about the book confessions of‘Alyssa Milano“Sorry Not Sorry” (2021), which talks about their problems, she chokes: “Obviously, I’ll never read her book, because it’s called Sorry, But Not Sorry! Already, there, she tells me that she’s not fucking sorry! What’s the point of talking about it then?”

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