Le Signal: the first French series of Paramount + will be taken from Maxime Chattam

Le Signal: the first French series of Paramount + will be taken from Maxime Chattam

A fantastic thriller carried by Clotilde Hesme and Grégory Montel.

Like the other American streaming platforms that have arrived in France, Paramount + is embarking on local original creation and has just started filming its first French fiction: The signal.

Produced by Gaumont in association with Paramount Television International Studios, The signal will be a fantastic thriller composed of 6 episodes, adapted from the eponymous novel by Maxime Chatham (published in 2018) and created by Francois Uzan (Lupine).

The pitch: “By moving to the small Breton island of Kernolé, the Dormeuil family hopes to make a fresh start. Olivia, a successful journalist, is pregnant with her second child. She put her career on hold to carry out this pregnancy and her husband Paul found a job as a doctor on the island. On the other hand, their daughter Camille drags her feet. At odds with her mother, whom she reproaches for having always favored her career, the inventive teenager and passionate about science finds only one interest in this move: the powerful electromagnetic disturbances present on the island will perhaps allow her to prove his big theory. Camille indeed thinks that there is a link between the waves and the beyond… But shortly after the arrival of the Dormeuils, disturbing phenomena begin to occur on the island, such as this series of bloody accidents which Chief Warrant Officer Aby Keita is responsible for investigating. The more deaths follow one another, the more Camille detects disturbing spectral waves and the worse Olivia feels in this house which seems to know the terrible secret that she and her husband have been hiding for ten years. To save their family and reveal the island’s buried secrets, Olivia and Camille will have to reconcile and unite, before sinking into darkness and facing their own demons.

The main roles will be played by Clotilde Hesme (Ghosts), Annabelle Lengronne (A little brother) And Gregory Montel (Ten percent).

Francois Uzan will be creator and showrunner of the series, which will be directed by Slimane Baptiste Berhoun And Karim Ouaret.

The filming of Signal will take place between June and October in Brittany and its surroundings. Expected release in France in 2024 on Paramount +.

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