Les Gouttes de Dieu on France 2: “We didn’t really drink great wines!”

Les Gouttes de Dieu on France 2: “We didn’t really drink great wines!”

Fleur Geffrier tells us about the intoxicating experience of this adaptation of a famous manga about wine, opposite Japanese superstar Tomohisa Yamashita. Meeting with the French revelation of the series which is arriving free-to-air this evening on France 2.

One year after it was put online on Apple TV+ (and also Canal+ in France), Drops of God arrives clearly. France 2 is launching this Monday evening the broadcast of the Franco-Japanese series, adapted from a famous manga (Drops of God), carried by Fleur Geffrier.

French actress seen on TF1 in the detective series Aim for the heart (2022), opposite Claire Keim and Lannick Gautry, Fleur Geffrier It plays the heroine, a certain Camille Léger, daughter of the greatest oenologist in the world, who must fight with her former protégé, in Tokyo, for an inestimable prize: an exceptional cellar that looks like an Ali Baba's cave. Crossed last year at the Séries Mania festival in Lille, Fleur Geffrier tells us how she experienced this unique shoot, between France and Asia, and facing a Japanese pop superstar, Tomohisa Yamashita, adored in his country. Encounter.

PREMIERE: How did you land the role of Camille in this big Franco-Japanese production?

Fleure Geffrier : As soon as I read the script, I knew I had to do it! Because it’s rare for France to adapt a manga! Because it's about wine and my father is a cook. All that made it a very special project in my eyes. Except that I was nobody. I mean not known at all…In theory, it was not within my reach. So even though I didn't really believe in it, I still passed the casting with a lot of conviction. And I think it matched immediately with the character of Camille. We look like. I recognize myself in her.

Do you have a personal story with wine?

I must have had my first drink at the age of 8, discreetly, while clearing the table! I remember drinking a lot of wine and finding it disgusting… Afterwards, around 14, my mother made me taste a vin jaune, super good, but I got drunk straight away and it didn't bother me. made people cry. So I was told that I had sad wine! It took time, but little by little, I began to appreciate good wine and the emotions it brings…

And thanks to Drops of Godhave you become an expert?

No… (laughs) I worked hard for the series, but I obviously didn't become an oenologist overnight. That said, I feel more legitimate today to talk about wine! At the restaurant, I offer to have a taste! I even started to build up a little cellar. Afterwards, we didn't drink that much on set. Sometimes, for close-ups, you had to see the alcohol tears on the rims of the glasses, so we really added wine. But otherwise… And then it's not really great wines that we drink in the series. Sorry to disappoint you. It would have cost too much to produce. On the other hand, we filmed at Domaine Beaucastel, in Bordeaux, and there we drank some very great wines with the whole team…

Are you a manga fan?

I saw a lot of anime when I was young. Naruto, Death Note, One Piece…But I had never read Drops of God before making the series. I found it super funny, this way of adapting manga codes to the world of wine. We see girls who start screaming with hearts in their eyes for a successful decantation! It's awesome ! And at the same time, it's very educational. The two authors, whom I had the chance to meet in Japan, are truly passionate. They want to pass on their passion.

How was your meeting with Japanese pop star Tomohisa Yamashita?

I did not know him. But when I saw that he had 5 million fans on Instagram, I understood the scale of the phenomenon. Afterwards, no one really knew who it was on set, which made it less impressive. Even he was a little relieved to be anonymous. It took a while for us to get used to it. Our two cultures are still very different. It's not the same way of expressing yourself. So, when at the end of filming he hugged me and told me that he was going to miss me, it surprised me a little.

Drops of God. 8 episodes. Created by Quoc Dang Tran. With Fleur Geffrier, Tomohisa Yamashita, Gustave Kervern…On France 2 from May 27, 2024 and streaming on Apple TV+ and Canal + in France.

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