Everything is fine: the family could return in a season 2 (excluded)

Everything is fine: the family could return in a season 2 (excluded)

Camille de Castelnau tells us “to think a lot about the sequel” to the Disney Plus series.

Great end-of-year success on Disney Plus, Everything is fine might not just be a limited series. The creator Camille de Castelnau explains to us that she is thinking of writing the sequel, a season 2 which would continue to tell the life of Rose’s family.

Because beyond the little girl’s cancer, beyond the suffering, beyond the resilience, Everything is fine is first of all a wonderful family story, very endearing: “It’s true ! These characters have enough in their stomachs to come back. Life may have other trials in store for them… if only the post-trauma of what they experienced with Rose” analyzes Camille de Castelnau for Première.

“Afterwards, everything will depend on success. But I haven’t yet turned the page today. I’m thinking a lot about the sequel to Everything’s OK at the moment…”

The Disney Plus series is already critically acclaimed. And we imagine that the most difficult part will be bringing back the entire cast, starting with Virginie Efira, Nicole Garcia, Sara Giraudeau and Alyocha Schneider. But if they are willing to come back, Everything is fine could have a season 2.

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