Loki 2: what will Ke Huy Quan do at Marvel?

This brilliant nod to the Goonies included in season 2 of Loki!

Ke Huy Quan reveals that he incorporated a cult element of Data into the Marvel series.

He was never one to shy away from the roles that made him famous. Quite the contrary. Ke Huy Quan remembers with nostalgia and happiness his years as a child star, in the Hollywood of the 1980s, when he was the Demi-Lune ofIndiana Jones…and the Data of Goonies !

Moreover, he experienced season 2 of Loki as a form of sequel to the cult film by Richard Donner: “So many fans ask me if there will be a Goonies 2. What does Data do as an adult? This Ouroboros character in Loki is, in a way, my answer to that. I consider him a Data Variant!”

So much so that the actor included an accessory directly from Astoria in the Marvel series!

Indeed, Data’s famous gadget belt makes an appearance in an episode of Lokiin the VAT control room…

“The Loki props department designed a Data belt for TVA. I wore it in just one Loki scene, as a fun nod to the Goonies. Has anyone spotted him?”

We understand that this is not the original belt, that Ke Huy Quan would have kept since 1985, but with a special replica Loki !

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