Lily Collins bleeding in new MaXXXine trailer

Lily Collins bleeding in new MaXXXine trailer

Ready to join the Maxine Minx fan club?

We tell you again, but this summer will be particularly deadly, because among other tantalizing horror productions, Ti West will come back with Mia Goth to close his horror trilogy in MaXXXine.

Direct continuation of X and its prequel Pearl, the plot takes place in Hollywood in the 80s where the “final girl”Maxine Minx, is on the verge of fulfilling her dream: that of being “a fucking movie star“. But behind the glam and glitter lurks in the streets of Los Angeles a dangerous serial killer: “The Night Stalker”in French “the night stalker”. While he jeopardizes the rise of the budding starlet, she is ready to do anything to clear the path to glory.

5 terrifying references in MaXXXine, with Mia Goth

The latest trailer released recently confirms the madness of the film, the bloodbath that awaits the characters and the spectators as well as the homage to the slashers of this decade. New on the board in comparison with the first trailer: we know a little more about the character played by Lily Collins.

“Now we both have blood on our hands…”
Far from Emily in Paris or her version of Snow White, the actress plays Mollu Benett, the future star of The Puritan 2“the sequel to a film that obsessed an entire nation…” The director here makes a double nod to the puritan imagination, the original playground of diabolical stories and the American Gothic literary movement, and the trailers for horror films of the 70s and 80s. With this serious voice-over which sets the plot, we find these same elements in the trailer forHalloween in 1978, or even that of Chainsaw Massacre in 1947. A film which had already inspired Ti West to X.

The Puritan 2, an A24 production? This fake horror film could almost be the spiritual sequel to a recent production from the company, The Witch (2015) with Anya Taylor Joy where a puritan family faces demons…

“How far are you willing to go for Maxine Minx?” For the biggest fans, a gift awaits them at the end of this trailer. When you send a message to the number displayed, you will receive the (fictitious) CV of the actress.

After Jamie Lee Curtis and with Maxine Minx, the succession of Scream Queens is assured. From July 5, Americans will be able to discover its “beautiful” career, while in France, you will have to wait until August 28.

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