Is Barbie 2 possible?  Greta Gerwig ultimately does not rule out the idea of ​​a sequel

Is Barbie 2 possible? Greta Gerwig ultimately does not rule out the idea of ​​a sequel

“If I find something to say that goes against the grain, I will do it. Otherwise, there won’t be anything else,” replies the director.

Greta Gerwig received a trophy this week at the Time Women of the Year ceremony. Co-writer (with her husband Noah Baumbach) and director of the biggest success of recent months, barbie, she was invited to talk about its making. The opportunity to take stock of a potential sequel.

Because since the phenomenon “Barbenheimer” attracted millions of spectators to cinemas around the world, Warner Bros. would like to officially announce the launch of a Barbie 2. Except that neither Greta Gerwig, nor the stars of the film, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead, have signed to continue the adventure. Their contract with the studio only included this blockbuster.

The plot of barbie is also completed at the end of the film, clearly designed for an opus. There could well be a spin-off devoted to the quest for the identity of Ken played by Gosling, or centered on other secondary characters, but the journey of the “Stereotypical Barbie” is well and truly closed.

Greta Gerwig deciphers Barbie's final line

If she had until now shown little enthusiasm at the idea of ​​directing Barbie 2explaining that she had already said everything in the first opus, Greta Gerwig now responds, relayed by Variety : “If I find something to say that goes against the grain, I'll do it. Otherwise, there won't be another.” Then she goes on to explain what exactly pushed her to sign for this blockbuster.

“My guide is: 'What do I deeply love? What really matters to me? What is the story hidden beneath the story?' With barbie, I think what really mattered was that I loved Barbie. I remember as a kid going to Toys R Us and looking at all those rows of Barbies, I loved their hair so much. I loved everything about them, but my mother didn't think so. That’s where I found my story, this generational story. I always try to find what changes, a different way of telling stories, going against the grain.”

Beyond the success of barbie to the public, the director of Lady Bird and Daughters of Doctor March also tells how this experience represents a consecration for her as a director.

barbieit's a film that I loved making so much, she admits. I loved building this world, bringing together all these actors… so yes, the idea of ​​finding this group (for a potential sequel, editor’s note), It’s obviously exciting. The thing that pushes me, deep down, is trying to figure out how to spread my wings. I'm the type to always try to grab the highest thing I can find, you know? I hope to direct all kinds of films during my career. Big ones, little ones… Their common point will be, I believe, to always have a part of adventure, because that's how I flourish.”

For now, Greta Gerwig's new priority is designing a new film Narnia for Netflix. Which means that even if she signs for a Barbie 2this sequel will not be visible anytime soon.

barbie is now available on DVD, blu-ray and VOD, as well as on MyCanal. Here is its trailer:

Greta Gerwig: “Ken is nothing without Barbie, he's a hilarious and tragic figure”

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