Loft Story madness in series: the exciting trailer of Cult

Loft Story madness in series: the exciting trailer of Cult

“Is it stupid or is it great?”

Why are they on TV? Because they’re stars! Why are they stars? Because they’re on TV!” Everything is said. Madness Loft Story will be screened in Worshipa new original French series from Prime Video, which will tell the story of the societal phenomenon of the time, caused by this very first national reality TV show!

The fiction will tell the behind the scenes of the production, but will also show the inside of the Loft. We will see thus Mary Columbus (great in true crime Laetitia by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade) put yourself in Loanna’s shoes. Anaïde Rozam will be Alexia Laroche-Joubert. Cesar Domboy And Sami Outalbali will complete the cast.

“2001. The World Trade Center towers are still standing and the French are world champions… M6 launches its new show: Loft Story. Behind the one-way mirrors, at the controls of the show, a group of young producers are ready to do anything to make a place for themselves in the big leagues.” tease the official pitch. “They are not yet 35 years old and together, they have to invent everything. But the show will quickly become a social scandal and shake up all the certainties of these pioneers of reality TV.“.

Produced by Louis Fargeseries Worship was created and written by Matthieu Rumani and Nicolas Slomka.

Composed of 6 episodes, Worship will be released on October 18 on Prime Video.

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