Macauley Culkin filmed behind the scenes of Mom I Missed the Plane (and it's so cute)

Macauley Culkin filmed behind the scenes of Mom I Missed the Plane (and it’s so cute)

In this behind-the-scenes video from the cult 1990s comedy, the cast only had eyes for the little prodigy.

An archive image recently surfaced on social media. We recognize the iconic cast of Mom I missed the planea flagship film for the holiday season since 1990. The video shows Macaulay Culkin, 9 years old at the time, playing the big reporter by questioning the casting. In a light and good-natured atmosphere, the little boy walks around the studio to immortalize these moments, which will remain engraved forever.

What’s it like playing Macaulay Culkin’s mother?“, he asks Catherine O’Hara, his irresponsible on-screen mother. She answers him, with a smile on her lips: “Oh, I couldn’t ask for more. I am very lucky to play with Macaulay.”

After meeting his real brother, Kieran Culkinand his fictional brother Devin Ratraythe interpreter of the terrible Buzz McCallister, Macaulay questions his father John Heard and asks him if he thinks the film will be a great success: “Yes, absolutely, since you’re in it.”replied Peter McCallister’s interpreter.

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The image is all the more touching when we see the unwavering bond that the film has established between Catherine O’Hara And Macaulay Culkin which was recently awarded a star on the Walk of Fame of Hollywood. His mother of heart, was present to accompany his “son” during the ceremony.

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