Margaret Qualley to play Amanda Knox in Hulu miniseries

Margaret Qualley to play Amanda Knox in Hulu miniseries

The actress from The Leftovers and Maid will play this American student wrongly accused of the murder of her roommate.

Hulu adapts the story ofAmanda Knox with Margaret Qualley headlining. This affair went around the world at the end of the 2000s and continues to generate ink today. Amanda Knox, a linguistics student, is convicted in Italy for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. After several trials, the American ended up being acquitted by the Italian Court of Cassation.

The studios have already looked into this news item, which fascinates, on several occasions and in a more or less exact way: in 2011, the Lifetime network tried it (Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy), followed by a British film in 2014 (The Face of an Angell), and by a documentary in 2016 (Amanda Knox). Matt Damon was also freely inspired by it in Stillwater in 2021, just like Justine Triet who admits to having wanted to dissect the judicial system in Anatomy of a fall in reaction to this affair.

But this time, Amanda Knox will have control over what is told. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Hulu has validated an eight-episode miniseries in which the former inmate will be one of the executive producers. Created by KJ Steinberg (This Is Us, Gossip Girl) and carried by The Littefield Company (at the origin of Fargo And The Handmaid's Tale) and 20th Television, the series is described by the platform as “based on the true story of Knox, wrongly convicted of the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, and her 16-year odyssey to break free”.

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A major project, therefore, and which has the luxury of highlighting one of the new faces of Hollywood, Margaret Qualley. The young woman became known thanks to her role as Jill Garvey in the HBO series The Leftoversthen with Maid on Netflix, in which she plays the main role. It is also for this series that she was nominated for the Emmy and the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Film in 2021.

At the same time, the twenty-nine-year-old actress has also proven herself in the cinema, notably in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino, Stars at Noon of Claire Denisand more recently in Poor Creatureswhere she plays the counterpart ofEmma Stone.

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Margaret Qualley has nothing left to prove, and we therefore understand that the platform mainly headed by Disney entrusted her with such a project. To tell us the story of Amanda Knox, the actress (whose mother is remembered Andie MacDowell) will be able to rely on the memories of the latter, Waiting to be Heardand of course the information that the journalist and activist will transmit directly to her.

But in the meantime, in 2024, she will find Emma Stone And Yorgos Lanthimos on display in Kinds of Kindness, a sketch film directed by the Greek director and for which we do not yet know the release date. She is also part of the five-star cast of Drive Away Dollhis first solo filmEthan Coenwhich she should find next year in Honey Don't.

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