Martin Scorsese had a lot of fun on "I'm Just Ken" despite his 0 out of 26 at the Oscars

Martin Scorsese had a lot of fun on “I'm Just Ken” despite his 0 out of 26 at the Oscars

Killers of the Flower Moon leaves the 96th Academy Awards empty-handed, but that didn't stop its filmmaker from having fun…

The curse of the Oscars Martin Scorsese continues, but fortunately for him, the unusual performance of Ryan Gosling changed his mind.

With 10 nominations, the dramatic epic of the Osage people, exorcised in Killers of the Flower Moon, has not gained the upper hand over its competitors. For the 96th Academy Awards, the one we call “Machine Gun Marty was accompanied by his daughter, Francesca Scorsese. Despite the defeat, the latter did not fail to immortalize the notable moments of the evening, by capturing the reactions of her muse, her father. Unlike the performance ofEminemwhich generated the filmmaker's yawn, the voice of Ryan Gosling interpreting “I'm Just Kenone of the flagship songs of barbieprovoked a general standing ovation. Francesca Scorsese posted a video of thehappening fuchsia pink:

@britishvogue Replying to @JonnyVarvatos It seems #MartinScorsese loved #RyanGosling’s “I’m Just Ken” performance at the #Oscars ♬ original sound – British Vogue

With the only consolation to his record, the 4 Oscars obtained for Infiltrators (2006) including Best Direction and Best Film, Martin Scorsese has long wondered why the Oscars didn't give more recognition to his work.

Aviator And Hugo Cabret, were also rewarded, but without congratulating the production, to the great dismay of the filmmaker. From Hugo Cabretthe works of Martin Scorsese have been nominated 26 times for the Oscars without any victory under their belt.

More named at the start of his career, the director of Little Italy nevertheless counts in all, 16 personal nominations including 10 for the best director prize, which marks one more than Steven Spielberg. The films of Martin Scorsese have never been judged as “Oscar-friendly“, most of them tackle dark themes, violent atmospheres handling genres generally less likely to be rewarded.

Perhaps his next biblical audiovisual project will be eligible for an Oscar for best director or best film? Nothing is certain, given that his last project on the theme of religious belief, Silence, was in the running for only one Oscar, in 2017: that of best photography. Which ultimately came back to Linus Sandgren for La La Land

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