Marvel Goes Gundam Mode for Season 3 of What If...?

Marvel Goes Gundam Mode for Season 3 of What If…?

Sam Wilson will also make his debut as Captain America in the animated series.

After a first extract with Bucky Barnes and the Red Guardian, season 3 of What if…? book of new images. Including a preview of an episode that will take us to a parallel world inspired by Mechas, these famous giant robots of Japanese culture, found in cult anime Gundam Or Evangelionand which Guillermo del Toro had taken up in his own way in Pacific Rim.

In this version of the MCU, Captain America will be a gigantic Mecha equipped with a shield…

In the other images, we see Sam Wilson in the skin of Captain America, as well as a glimpse of the Red Guardian, the Winter Soldier and Ant-Man, who will also be at the party.

No date yet. Season 2 of What If…? was released last December on Disney Plus.

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