Sarah Snook (Succession) will play 26 roles in an adaptation of Dorian Gray

Sarah Snook (Succession) will play 26 roles in an adaptation of Dorian Gray

The Australian actress will take up residence at the Royal Haymarket theater in London for 12 weeks for this daunting challenge.

At the beginning of the month, we wondered what became of the actors of Succession since the end of the HBO series. Well Sarah Snook, she has not been idle since she has just landed not one, but 26 roles in the theater. She will take to the stage at the Royal Haymarket Theater in January 2024 for an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s book The portrait of Dorian Gray.

What are the actors of Succession doing now that the series is over?

The Australian actress will simultaneously interpret all these characters via an alternation between live performance and projected videos. The play, which will run for 12 weeks in London, reworks the story of the original story published in 1890. It will depict a pact with the devil to obtain eternal youth, the price of which will be the soul of Dorian Gray .

This is not the first time that Sarah Snook has won the West End, which includes the majority of major London theaters. In 2016, she was already playing in England in The Master Builderadapted from the novel by Henrik Ibsen, by Matthew Warchus.

“I am overjoyed to return to London in such an amazing play (…) This story of morality, innocence, and narcissism is going to be thrilling to recreate for a new audience. I’m eager to”she said.

“I can’t wait for London theater lovers to see this show, and I’m very happy that Sarah Snook brings so many Oscar Wilde characters to life”also added director Kip Williams.

But the actress does not abandon the cinema for all that. Since his two Emmy Award nominations and Golden Globe win in 2018 for Succession, the actress continues the projects. She will soon appear in Run Rabbit Run, an Australian psychological horror film directed by Daina Re, which will be released on Netflix on June 28. She will also be featured in Beanie Bubblea comedy where she will give the reply to Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks, to see on Apple TV+ on July 28.

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