Matt Damon - Oppenheimer: "I don't know what the world will look like in 50 years"

Matt Damon – Oppenheimer: “I don’t know what the world will look like in 50 years”

Matt Damon lent himself to the game of the Clique X interview. The opportunity to confide, the day of the release of Oppenheimer, on his fears and his hopes.

Not everyone has the same definition of a “good movie”. For Mouloud Achour, well-known face from the show ClickIt is “a film that asks questions at the end, and does not seek answers“. At the mention of the filmography of Christopher Nolan, Matt Damon is also convinced of this:

If you take all of his films, they all ask interesting questions, they always push the boundaries but leave a lot of open questions for the audience.

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The transition was all found, because it is certainly the feeling that Nolan’s new film will leave you (at the end of its three hours), which tries to unravel the Oppenheimer mystery. Alongside the director’s favorite actor, Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon is one of the headliners of the cast. He also said that he did not operate any strategy in his selection of roles, and that he accepted them mainly according to the director. After Interstellar, Nolan has indeed found Matt Damon who plays the general of the US Army, Leslie Groves Jr, military director of the Manhattan project. The actor opened up about his very personal relationship to the theme of the film:

“My adolescence was dominated by this notion of nuclear annihilation. In the early 80s, the Reagan years, the United States and the Soviet Union multiplied the attempts at intimidation. It was the period of my youth when I I was coming of age. We all talked about it and thought about it all the time. We thought it would happen in our lifetime.”

Are you afraid when you see the current state of the world? When Mouloud Achour asks him the question, he also prefers not to look for the answer… Matt Damon considers in any case the message ofOppenheimer as a real warning about “the end of the world”. However, his vision is not tinged with pessimism only, when he talks about the future generation in which he has hope, including in his fight for access to drinking water. But he admits it, with a certain realism, in front of the journalist: “I don’t know what the world will look like in 50 years“, before recalling some memories of the beginnings ofOppenheimer :

“The first time I read Oppenheimer’s screenplay, I told Chris (Christopher Nolan) that my mind had played a funny trick on me: when the Cold War ended, my brain said we have nothing to fear now. But what an absurd idea it was, because the threat has not disappeared, it has been hanging over us for all this time.

He even went so far as to compare the issue told in the nuclear thriller to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. For him, there is no doubt: one of the most anticipated films of the summer is to be seen, because it is (paradoxically) in tune with the times.

I’Clique x Matt Damon interview can be found in full on the Canal+ platform.

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