McDonald's will be at the heart of season 2 of Loki

McDonald’s will be at the heart of season 2 of Loki

And it won’t just be product placement!

As we can see in the first images of season 2 of Loki, Sylvie, played by Sophia Di Martino, becomes an employee at McDonald’s. An unexpected job for the young woman, and for the public, which producer Kevin Wright fully justifies. Asked by Fast Companyhe swears that this is not just a product placement, but that the choice of this fast food chain was thought out. Beware of minor spoilers if you haven’t seen the start of the series.

“This character has been on a mission of vengeance for decades, maybe even centuries, he explains. In this kind of stories, we always see how it turns into an obsession, and then it consumes her completely, she no longer thinks about what she is going to do right after. Now that she has this moment of her own, this opportunity, what will she do? If we stay from her point of view, in the logic of the character, it is about a woman who took the road as a child, then who went through really hard things, she was a fugitive of time, she lived through apocalypses, never had time to rest, to relax… For her, the novelty of entering a McDonald’s in the 1980s is something attractive. You attend a game, then you go eat at McDo. You can also celebrate a birthday at McDonald’s. These are things that Sylvie has never experienced, and that intrigues her.”

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The short excerpt where she puts on the complete outfit of an employee of the restaurant chain is therefore not insignificant: it will be an important element in the rest of Sylvie’s story. And therefore that of Loki, logically, still embodied by Tom Hiddleston. Kevin Wright adds “I was afraid that McDonald’s would think we wanted to make fun of them or create something ironic, but no, we wrote an honest story, a love letter to nostalgia, and all of this will be watched through the eyes of someone seeing this for the first time and getting joy from it.”

Including such a brand at the heart of the plot does not, however, prevent it from being advertised: this choice of very popular restaurant in the world also marks the occasion for a collaboration which will allow McDonald’s to attract curious spectators. in its establishments, since a “loki-sauce” will be launched especially for the launch of this sequel…

Season 2 of Loki will be visible from October 6 on Disney+.

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