Meet the new employees of The Office

Meet the new employees of The Office

Domhnall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore are the first to hire in Greg Daniels' new office, which is currently being written.

A little over 10 years after its closure, The Office is about to reopen its doors. A brand new series, created by Greg Daniels – the man who successfully adapted Ricky Gervais' English comedy in the United States – is being written and production is moving forward!

In fact, the first two stars of the new office have just been recruited. Domhnall Gleeson And Sabrina Impacciatore will be the two headliners of The OfficeNew version. They will have the difficult task of succeeding Steve Carell, John Krasinski or Jenna Fisher, still very popular among fans of the sitcom.

Son of the legendary Brendan Gleeson, Domhnall Gleeson made a name for himself in Richard Curtis' romantic comedy, It was time (2013) before playing General Hux in the last trilogy Star Wars). Sabrina Impacciatore was revealed in season 2 of The White Lotus (in 2022), where she played the boss of the hotel in Sicily.

We do not yet know what roles they will play in this series derived from The Office, which will not be a direct sequel, but will take place in the same world as that of Michael Scott. The story should not take place in Dunder Mifflin, Pennsylvania, but present a new workplace, understand a new average American company and its employees, existing in the same universe as Dunder Mifflin…

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