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Melissa Barrera found Jenna Ortega: “We are a family for life”

“We always meet again…”

Last weekend, at the 17th annual MPTF Gala Evening, Melissa Barrera And Jenna Ortega found themselves alongside other actors from Screamincluding Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Liana Liberato, Tony Revolori, Jack Quaid and Skeet Ulrich!

The opportunity to take a souvenir photo while Melissa Barrera was removed from the saga by Spyglass last year, following her comments on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No matter, the actress rejoices in Deadline: “I’m so grateful for what I’ve been able to bring to this franchise, and it’s something I’ll be proud of forever.”

She is now very close to Jenna Ortega and confides : “We are a family for life. If we are ever near each other, we always meet up and that’s what happened recently. When we do get together, we just want to spend time evening together, and nothing will ever change that.”

In the process, Melissa Barrera was at the Sundance festival this weekend, to present his latest film, Your Monster, by Caroline Lindy. She took the opportunity to join a pro-Palestinian demonstration, where 100 activists took advantage of the festival to denounce the war being waged in Gaza.

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