Meryl Streep takes The Devil Wears Prada into another dimension (review)

Meryl Streep takes The Devil Wears Prada into another dimension (review)

TF1 is banking on a sure bet this evening. A cult comedy that we never tire of seeing again and again.

With his diploma in hand, Andy (Anne Hathaway), a young woman with a not exactly glamorous look, arrives in New York, determined to become a journalist. She lands a real dream job by becoming, despite her sartorial shortcomings, assistant to the editor-in-chief of a major fashion magazine. A colorful personality who tyrannizes his employees. If the beginnings are difficult, this work will allow Andy to transform…

In 2007 an American comedy was released which would quickly become cult: The devil wears Prada. Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway, all three play memorable roles in front of the camera in David Frankel (who has since enjoyed success again thanks to Marley and moi). They would also have liked to come together for a second opus, but for the moment, the project, regularly mentioned, has not materialized.

Ludacris: “The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite films of all time”

The devil wears Prada is a film that shines, according to Mathieu Carratier, author of the review of Firstby “a frenzied rhythm, dialogues that ricochet” and a quality performance from Meryl Streep who “propels the material into a whole new dimension.Read the full review below.

Wild rhythm (obviously), dialogues that ricochet, soundtrack of which no title (Madonna, Alanis Morissette) is left to chance: The devil wears Prada would be just one of those perfectly calibrated American comedies if a bug with silver hair and a softly menacing voice had not infiltrated this over-oiled machine. In two looks, three movements, Meryl Streep propels the material into a whole new dimension. Like his employees, we observe him, petrified, drinking in his every word. With it, the paper is suddenly less glossy.

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The Devil Wears Prada: Anne Hathaway was cast thanks to Meryl Streep

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