Netflix launches… its range of popcorn!

Netflix launches… its range of popcorn!

If they do not share their account, viewers will be able to share their bundle of delights.

For “Netflix and Chill”you need: a Netflix account, a blanket, and popcorn. This combo is inseparable. And if for now, we buy popcorn from any brand, soon we will be able to get Netflix popcorn. At least, Americans will be able to.

In collaboration with Popcorn Indiana, the American streaming giant recently announced that it was releasing a range of popcorn: “Netflix Now Popping” on sale in Walmart. In terms of taste, the choice is simple: the classic cheddar or the tasty cinnamon. All for the modest sum of $4.50 – or 4.20 euros. So, two packages purchased are roughly the same as an individual, ad-supported Netflix subscription. If they do not share their account, viewers will be able to share their packet of popcorn.

To launch this collaboration, Netflix announced:

“A movie night and popcorn go together just as well as a hot dog and a bun, ice cream and chips, or a day at the beach and a lounge chair.”

Netflix and food are not new. In 2020, the streaming platform released an ice cream range “Netflix & Chill’d” with Ben & Jerry. In 2023, it is in gastronomy that he launches a big communication coup by opening his first restaurant in Hollywood. An ephemeral phenomenon, the concept was to find their favorite series in the dishes of gourmets.

While other platforms like Apple TV+ or Amazon Prime Video can benefit from a name associated with activities other than the distribution of series or cinema content, Netflix is ​​trying its luck to make its brand visible everywhere and all the time.

In France, can viewers hope to one day enjoy their Netflix popcorn? In any case, Americans will be able to enjoy themselves and dig into their popcorn bowl The Witcher – series produced by Netflix.

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