Netflix unveils new detailed report on its most popular shows

Netflix unveils new detailed report on its most popular shows

Surprise ! The series The Night Agent comes in first position with an equivalent of 92,702 years of viewing hours.

Netflix, the queen of streaming platforms, has committed to publishing two detailed reports per year of the most viewed programs. This first report counts data from January to June 2023 and selects major titles exceeding 50,000 hours of viewing available internationally. Entertainment Weekly relay these figures.

Each year several shows create a fashion effect and become the darlings of viewers for several weeks, before giving way to a new new program or the release of a highly anticipated final season. Since its appearance in the form of streaming, Netflix has quickly built a solid fan base on its offerings. “originals” which allow you to ride a good wave of buzz every time: Stranger Things, The Bridgerton Chronicles and others Sex Education come to endorse Netflix as THE number 1 platform.

Nevertheless, point of Millie Bobby Brown or Emma Mackey in this rather eclectic viewing report. In first position is the thriller series The Night Agent which sits at 812,100,000 hours watched, which equates to over 92,702 years. The actor Gabriel Basso He plays an FBI agent caught up in a vast conspiracy threatening the state, released last March. In second and third place is season 2 of Ginny and Georgia (665,100,000 hours watched) and K-Drama The Glory (622,800,000 hours of viewing) which diversify this top 3.

A top 3 which could surprise us to the extent that these shows do not necessarily seem to reflect the DNA that Netflix has worked so hard to build. But do not panic, Jenna Ortega and his character Wednesday occupy fourth position in this ranking with 507,700,000 hours of viewing followed closely by Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Chapter (503,000,000 hours).

The second half of the ranking is just as diverse since season 4 of You (440,600,000 hours), season 3 of the telenovela The Queen of Surthe only show in the ranking to reach its place without being available internationally (429,600,000 hours), still a little more than Ginny and Georgiawith season 1 viewed 302,100,000 hours and concluding with the action comedy series Fubar with Arnold Schwarzenegger (266,200,000 hours).

An interesting classification which allows us to put into perspective the varied tastes of the Netflix audience: action, comedy, teen movies, romance and drama… A bit of everything we like in a good series , Ultimately !

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