No need to be familiar with the MCU to see Deadpool & Wolverine

No need to be familiar with the MCU to see Deadpool & Wolverine

“This film is designed for entertainment,” assures director Shawn Levy.

Obviously, Deadpool & Wolverine will be the child of 25 years of Marvel in cinema, from the first X-Men at the recent series Loki. A meta object that will play with the multiverse and the mythology of the MCU saga.

Yet, Shawn Levy assures in an interview with AP News that people won't need to know much about the MCU to go see Deadpool & Wolverine. I promise, it won't be another piece of the puzzle:

“I was a good student at school. I do my homework as an adult as I do it. But I definitely don't want to have to do homework when I go to the movies,” he explains, suggesting that it will be possible to go see Deadpool & Wolverine without worrying.

He details: “I really made this film with a natural respect and obvious gratitude to the rabid fan base who have a deep understanding of the mythology and lore of these characters and this world. But I didn't want to boil down the film to that. This film is primarily designed to be entertainment, without any obligation to prepare with prior research.

Certainly. But those who have never seen the series Loki or the first films X-Men and even more so Logan still risk being a little left behind, or, at the very least, having difficulty understanding all the references of Deadpool & Wolverinewhen it is released on July 24, 2024 in cinemas in France.

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