No time to take a pee break in front of Mission Impossible 7?

No time to take a pee break in front of Mission Impossible 7?

The next film with Tom Cruise will be the longest in the franchise, and intends to captivate its viewers.

It is sometimes complicated to watch a 3 hour film without going to the cinema toilets. This is the risk of long productions: that the public misses a passage because of pressing desire. Some can pass in the blink of an eye and make us forget the litmus of soda just before entering the room, while others can seem to last an eternity.

In the latest issue of Total Moviethe chief editor of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Eddie Hamilton, spoke on the subject. Working on the franchise since Rogue Nation in 2015, her years of experience ensured that these blockbusters never felt too long or lacked pace. Because it should above all not be given to the spectators the illusion that they have time for a pee break in full viewing. They need to feel like there’s absolutely no missing out on the plot, according to Hamilton:

In a dialogue or action scene, you always have to be careful that the emotional intention of the scene is clear to the audience and that they feel concerned by what is happening. I think the real secret is that if we’ve done our job well – if I’ve done my job as an editor well – everything is paced in such a way that you’re so engaged in the film that it doesn’t don’t even think of wondering if it’s a good time for a pee break.”

Mission Impossible 7: the first reactions have fallen

Because his role is to completely eliminate this possibility from the equation, with a dynamic montage: “Don’t give viewers the impression that it’s an option. They need to be drawn into the story and stay engaged throughout the movie, and not want to leave the room because they don’t want to miss anything.“A task that can be complex, especially since with a duration of 2h40, mission impossible 7 becomes the longest film in the franchise. But hamilton affirm that “from the very beginning of the film and that until the end, it is only a sequence of sequences always more massive and complex.” Hoping that the viewers get too engrossed in Tom Cruise defying the laws of physics in Dead Reckoning to go to the toilet.

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