Nouveaux riche: the En Passant Pécho team returns with a huge cast (teaser)

Nouveaux riche: the En Passant Pécho team returns with a huge cast (teaser)

Guillaume Canet, Kenza Fortas and Gustave Kervern will appear in this offbeat comedy coming to Netflix.

In 2021, Passing Pécho had caused a sensation on Netflix, placing itself at the top of the top 10 most watched programs in France. Logically, the team behind the film is doing it again with a new crazy comedy, New richwhich will be put online on the platform on November 17.

Julien Royal (yes, the son of François Hollande and Ségolène Royal) is therefore back behind the camera, with Nassim Lyes (recently seen in Farang) in the main role of Youssef, a scam pro who, during a poker game that goes wrong for him, meets Stéphanie, a crypto millionaire played by Zoé Marchal (Skam). Hedi Bouchenafa, the other sidekick ofPassing bywill also be there, but with a smaller role.

Netflix revealed a first teaser for New rich to present the plethoric cast of the film, where we will find a whole bunch of young actors (the rapper Sicario alias Adrien Essamir, Yousef Ramal, Yovel Lewkowski, Yassine Stein), and some big names among the guests: Guillaume Canetthe fighter Ciryl Gane, Hakim Jemili, the comedian Alexandre Kominek, Kenza FortasPanayotis Pascot, Gustave KervernPaul Deby and Ichem Bougheraba.

LikePassing Pécho, New rich should not be subtle, we have been warned.

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