Olivia Colman never saw her scene in Barbie... but she received her check.

Olivia Colman never saw her scene in Barbie… but she received her check.

“I was paid, which proves that I wasn’t so bad…” laughs the actress from Fleabag and The Favorite.

On the occasion of the promotion for Scandalously yours, Olivia Colman And Jessie Buckleyheadliners of postal correspondence, spoke with IndieWire. A month ago now, Helen Mirrennarrator of the plastic feature film, revealed that a scene cut from barbie was to highlight Olivia. She tried to steal the role of narrator from her colleague, which gave rise to a fight on screen.

I have never seen her“, said Olivia Colman at the premiere of this Sony Pictures Classics film in New York.

They had set up a call between me, David Heyman, the producer, and Greta Gerwig. I said to myself : “Oh, I think I know why he’s calling me.” It made perfect sense, because it didn't add anything to the story, it was just fun. It was pretty perfect for me, because I got paid, which proves I wasn't that bad.

Like Margot Robbie For barbie, Olivia Colman plays the leading role in the black comedy Thea Sharrock, which it also produces. “I'm the worst person. JI have no idea what the producers do, declared the Oscar-winning actress with humor. “I see them working really hard and I didn't do any of that. What I did was call Jessie and say: “Would you like to play with me?”

The paths of the two actresses have already crossed in The Lost Daughter of Maggie Gyllenhall in 2021, although they did not respond.

She's one of my best friends and I love her so much, said Jessie Buckley talking about his collaboration with Olivia Colman. I love her so much as a woman and have always admired everything she does. I remember seeing Tyrannosaur and have no idea how she managed to get by. You know, she's just this kind of superman. Going to work with her every day and having fun being malicious towards each other was just amazing. If I could work with her all the time, I would.

Jessie Buckley will find the director Maggie Gyllenhaal for his next feature film Frankenstein at Warner Bros. with Christian Bale. “We're about to start filmingthe actress said, as she sported a bleach blonde bob cut, perhaps a potential teaser for her upcoming character. I am so grateful to be part of this project made up of extraordinary women who have so much to say, brilliant minds and imagination. It's beyond my wildest dreams to return to work with this director. We really fell in love while working on The Lost Daughter.

Celebrating her Irish Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her performance in Fingernails near Jeremy Allen White, Jessie Buckley also reflected on the Irish rise, in particular with the other IFTA nominees, Barry Keoghan And Cillian Murphy :

I always see Barry around. With Cillian, too, I'm such a fan. This is someone who has been doing incredible work for so long and is still so professional. I admire him so much as an actor and as a human. I just think he's one of the most magnificent human beings in the world. I would love to work with either one!

Scandalously yours is currently showing in theaters. Here is its trailer:

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