Oppenheimer in the Top 5 R-Rated Hits

Oppenheimer in the Top 5 R-Rated Hits

Christopher Nolan’s film will double the Deadpool, but will it reach the billion dollar revenue like Joker?

The mad success of Barbie has somewhat eclipsed that ofOppenheimer, released like him on July 19. While it is phenomenal!

Christopher Nolan’s historic film, shot in IMAX, partly in black and white and retracing the paradoxical life of the inventor of the atomic bomb Robert J. Oppenheimer, attracted millions of spectators to cinemas around the world. Oppenheimer precisely hit $777 million in revenue this weekend. A score which allowed it to enter the top 5 of the biggest hits in the history of cinema released in R-Rated (not recommended for under 17s in the United States). It was the filmmaker’s first film to achieve this status in over 20 years and the release of his thriller insomniawith Al Pacino and Robin Williams.

Here is the ranking of the biggest R-Rated hits in the world:

1. Joker earned $1,074,458,282 since 2019
2. Deadpool 2 earned $785,896,609 since 2018
3. Dead Pool earned $782,836,791 since 2016
4. Oppenheimer earned $777,977,010 since 2023
5. Matrix Reloaded earned $741,847,937 since 2003
6. That earned $701,842,551 since 2017
7. Detective Chinatown 3 earned $686,257,563 since 2021
8. Logan earned $619,179,950 since 2017
9. The passion of Christ earned $612,054,506 since 2004
10. Very Bad Trip 2 earned $586,764,305 since 2011

It is certain today that this large production of Universal (the budget ofOppenheimer is 100 million dollars without counting its advertising) will cross the 900 million revenue mark at the end of the run, thus obtaining second place in this top behind the Joker by Todd Phillips. Could it reach the billion mark?

This success is all the more impressive given the subject of the film, very serious, and proves that following the success ofInceptionfrom the saga Dark Knight orInterstellarChistopher Nolan can now attract audiences in droves on his name alone. Oppenheimer fwill also enter the top 3 of the biggest hits of his entire career, behind his Batman of 2008 and 2012, both billionaires, and ahead of 837 millionInception (2010). He has already surpassed his sci-fi film with Matthew McConaughey, which ended its run at 714 million in 2014. And Dunkirkhis last war film, grossed just over $500 million in 2017.

Christopher Nolan considers having made three films in one with Oppenheimer

To better understand the success of his latest film, we can also compare it to popular works released with a weaker ban (PG-13, i.e. not recommended for under 13s unaccompanied by an adult): it should therefore exceed $845 million in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to become the 3rd biggest success of 2023 behind Super Mario Bros. And Barbie, both billionaires. And if we look at the best scores of previous years, it has already doubled The Batman and its 770 million revenues or Dying can waitthe latest James Bond to date!

Oppenheimer also became this summer the biggest hit in the history of American cinema never to have topped the box office, since Barbie always topped it by one place, then some new products briefly took over the ranking. In particular, he hardback in IMAXof which he had the exclusivity of US theaters for an entire month, under the nose and beard of Mission: Impossible 7which only had a week to take advantage of the higher prices of these theaters specially equipped to broadcast films with a larger format. Blue Beetle has recently obtained broadcasts in IMAX, and Barbie will be available in these cinemas from September 22.

Oppenheimer is 18 km tall and weighs 300 kg

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