Pierre Niney in Hollywood?  “I would like to find roles as interesting as in France”

Pierre Niney in Hollywood? “I would like to find roles as interesting as in France”

Soon to appear in The Count of Monte Cristo, the French actor is ready to take on new challenges in the future.

Pierre Niney caused a sensation at Cannes film festival where he presented in preview, out of competition, the count of Monte Cristo. An ultra-ambitious adaptation of the novel by Alexandre Dumas where he puts himself in the shoes of Edmond Dantès, a tragic and protean hero in search of revenge, whom he plays with mastery over more than two decades.

César for best actor in 2015 for Yves Saint Laurentacclaimed by critics and the public, equally at ease in comedy (Fiasco) than in dramas (Save or perish) or thrillers (Black Box), and now blockbuster star, Pierre Niney has already accomplished a lot, at only 35 years old. But he has not yet “finished” cinema.

For the 4th issue of Premiere – The show (to watch on the Trailer channel via your Smart TV), Pierre Niney gave us an interview where he tells us everything about the preparation and filming of Monte Cristo, and discusses the avenues that could drive his career in the future. Starting with the realization:

A first feature film? Maybe one day. I'm waiting to get the best story. I have a few scripts in the pipeline, but I don't think I have the one I want to start directing with – if I ever do.

He also does not rule out the idea of ​​trying his luck in Hollywood, but he has already shared on several occasions his reluctance to try the American adventure. “There are obviously directors, actors and actresses that I love there, maybe one day there will be projects, at the moment it's just things under discussion. I would like to find roles at least as interesting as what I am offered in France. Let it not just be a European role, a Frenchie role, which are sometimes reductive. But why not one day.”

More concretely, the next step for Pierre Niney is production. A new role for him that he is preparing to take on with enthusiasm:

My next film will be a film that I co-produce, directed by Yan Gozlan, with whom I made Boite Noire, it will be our third collaboration together. It takes place in the world of life coaches, personal development coaches, a fascinating, interesting, a little scary world. It's a thriller around the character of an orator, almost a modern preacher.

the count of Monte Cristo releases in cinemas on June 28

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