Pierre Niney tells us about his transformation into the Count of Monte Cristo (video)

Pierre Niney tells us about his transformation into the Count of Monte Cristo (video)

Or rather “his” transformations, the actor having had to go from one alter ego to another without getting lost. “It took good mental organization!” he confides.

A month and a half after its major screening at Cannes, here it is, the count of Monte Cristo is finally in theaters. And it’s off to a strong start! Accompanied byexcellent reviewsthis epic film by Alexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte brings crowds to theaters, thanks to its promise of a great French spectacle.

Met a little before the 2024 Cannes Film Festival for a long interview published on the cover of Première n°552, Pierre Niney also agreed to answer our questions during his out-of-competition visit to the Croisette.

Exclusive – Pierre Niney: “I prefer Monte-Cristo to all these superheroes”

First mentioning the unforgettable phone call from the duo of screenwriters and directors, who offered him the role of Edmond Dantès to embody one of the most famous characters in French culture, Niney confides in us his joy at playing a hero who has so many facets. Several alter-egos, even, that he sometimes had to play one after the other in the same day, since film shoots do not take place in chronological order.

“Organization, organization, organization, that was the key!” he admits, detailing that he worked with the help of color codes and notebooks to accurately immerse himself in each facet of Edmond Dantès. I really enjoyed playing each character, whether it was someone 25 years older than me or an English Lord: finding the voices, the walks, the bodies (…) Sometimes, in the morning, I played a sailor who is 20 years old, and who comes back from a boat trip, then 3 hours later I played Edmond Dantès at 40 years old, drastically different.”

Here is the video interview with Pierre Niney, followed by a behind-the-scenes photo of the interview, and the trailer for this epic film that is not to be missed in theaters.

Interview: Elsa Miquet.
Editing: Lucille Bion.

The influences of The Count of Monte Cristo: Plein soleil, Le Prénom, Phantom of the Paradise…

Synopsis: Victim of a conspiracy, young Edmond Dantès is arrested on his wedding day for a crime he did not commit. After fourteen years of detention in the Château d’If, he manages to escape. Having become immensely rich, he returns under the identity of the Count of Monte Cristo to take revenge on the three men who betrayed him.

Already 1 million admissions for Monte-Cristo, 4 million for Vice-Versa 2!

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