Pirates of the Caribbean: “We are going to start the saga from scratch”

Pirates of the Caribbean: “We are going to start the saga from scratch”

We have a course, Captain! Producer Jerry Bruckheimer takes stock of the future of Disney's flagship saga.

It's been almost seven years since fans of Pirates of the Caribbean stamp. In 2017 came out Salazar's Revengethe fifth franchise opus which saw the return of certain members of the original cast absent from The fountain of Youth. A way for the producers to bring the arc centered on Will Turner full circle (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) started in the very first part in 2003.

From ? Not much. Radio silence until 2022 when rumors begin to emerge following the opposing lawsuit Johnny Depp to his ex-wife, Amber Heard. After the actress's accusations ofAquamanthe actor had already been shown the exit by the prophecy of Fantastic Beasts. What about Pirates of the Caribbean ? Would the Disney franchise continue without him?

Johnny Depp back in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Faced with Disney's silence, several rumors have spread, fueled by fans. The first: after his relative legal victory, Johnny Depp could wear the tricorn and reshuffle the rapier by resuming the role which, for many, is at the heart of the success of the franchise: Jack Sparrow. Another echoed a film with Margot Robbie in the lead role, an idea made difficult, one presumes, by the success of barbiewhich propelled the actress to the forefront of the Hollywood scene.

A few days ago, Jerry Bruckheimerthe veteran Hollywood producer behind the gangster saga, has claimed that the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean will be… a reboot. In an interview given to ComicBook.comwhen asked what franchise between Pirates of the Caribbean And Top Gun (which he also produces) will see its ranks expand before the other, Bruckheimer responds:

“We don’t yet know how it will all work out. It's the truth, we don't know. With Top Gun, we have a brilliant and iconic actor. How many films will he make before making the sequel to Top Gun, I would not know how to say it. Regarding Pirates of the Caribbeanwe will start the saga from scratch, so it will be easier to produce, because we will not have to wait for certain actors.”

No Jack Sparrow comeback on the horizon, then? His answer is quite vague, but suggests that a total reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean will be easier to launch for production, without having to wait until after Johnny Depp.

In any case, this statement echoes that of Craig Mazin Last year. Creator of The Last of Usthe screenwriter joined forces with Ted Elliottwho participated in the writing of The Curse of the Black Pearlto write the scenario for the new part of Pirates of the Caribbean before the SAG-AFTRA strike put the project on hold. A script that he described to LA Times as absurd:

“We pitched it and said there was no way (Disney) wouldn't buy it, it's too weird. And they took it! Then we wrote a fantastic script. Then the strike started and now we are waiting.”

We too are waiting to see what the creators of this now cult saga have imagined to take us once again across the oceans.

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