Planet of the Apes - The New Kingdom: a fun and exciting B series (review)

Planet of the Apes reigns over the US box office, far ahead of The Fall Guy and The Phantom Menace

This is the only new feature in the top 10 this weekend! (Source: Le Film Français)

The New Kingdom starts exactly in line with its predecessor, Supremacy (2017) in the United States. Which is a rather good sign, knowing that it had come close to 500 million dollars in revenue worldwide. It must be said that this big Disney production was released without much competition: it is the only novelty to enter this American top 10 of the weekend, the next being the Bollywood film Shinda Shinda No Papawhich earned 487,000 greenbacks for only 102 screens, which gives it 13th position.

In detail, this new opus of The Planet of the Apes raised $56.5 million for 4,075 screens, the second best debut among recent adaptations of Pierre Boule's work:

– Planet of the Apes: The Confrontation had earned $72.6 million in July 2014 ($710 million in total).
– Planet of the Apes: Supremacy : had earned $56.3 million in July 2017 (490 million in total).
– Planet of the Apes origins : had earned $54.8 million in August 2011 (481 million in total).

Among the continuities, the action comedy The Fall Guyreleased the previous weekend, is approaching $50 million domestically, thanks to an additional $13.7 million earned in 4,008 theaters. Challengersworn by Zendaya, adds 4.6 million to the counter, or 38 million in three weeks. Godzilla x Kong And Kung Fu Panda 4 each accumulated 191 million in 7 and 10 weeks respectively, making them the two biggest hits at the American box office at the moment.

It can also be noted that the exit of The Phantom Menaceepisode I of Star Wars which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, works without breaking records: in two weeks on display, George Lucas' film has amassed 12 million dollars. Knowing that he was already a billionaire at the world box office: he recorded precisely 1,045,558,331 in revenue “worldwide”.

US box office for the weekend of May 10-12, 2024:

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