Premiere - Special issue n°23: Disney, 100 years of hidden treasures

Premiere – Special issue n°23: Disney, 100 years of hidden treasures

Extremely rare cartoons, forgotten fantasy films and censored masterpieces are in the spotlight.

The new special issue of First hits newsstands just before Christmas. In the program ? To celebrate the centenary of the Disney studios, let’s dive back into the history of the studio, not to retrace everything chronologically, but to unearth nuggets, little-known, forgotten works, even censored at their time, which nevertheless deserve to be revisited revisited.

Because even before the creation of Mickey (in 1928), there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit or even the Alice Comedies, these short films already mixing animation and live action, seeking to both make the audience laugh while being didactic. Then the studio switched to color (hello, “Silly Symphonies” full of poetry), in talking cinema, revolutionized animated cinema by multiplying techniques, giving birth to masterpieces… and hidden treasures. Walt Disney’s live experiences were not easy either, and it is their captivating production that the editorial team tells you in detail in this special issue.

Of Recalcitrant Dragon At Two-faced vigilanteof Black hole to short films “slapstick” derived from Roger Rabbitof The island on the roof of the world has Towmorrowland… A look back at a hundred nuggets which also made the history of the studio.

Good reading !

Here is the editorial of this special issue no. 23:

Alternative route

One more magazine on 100 years of Disney? Not quite. Rather than retracing the entire history of the studio, perfectly mapped out and already widely covered by the in-house archivists, we wanted to go on an adventure and explore the hidden films, unfairly shunned, sometimes censored or more simply forgotten. You will therefore not find the official classics here, but the studio’s B side. None “Disney Classics”, but short films, adventure, sci-fi or horror films, making-of films and animal documentaries. In short, here is the history of Disney as you have never read it… So, have a good trip.

Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief.

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