Reese Witherspoon and her double: Marilee Lessley is her double!  (Pictures)

Reese Witherspoon and her double: Marilee Lessley is her double! (Pictures)

Reese Witherspoon presents her double: Marilee Lessley is her double!

The first time Marilee Lessley dubbed Reese Witherspoon was on the set of What If It Were True, in 2003.

Marilee Lessley on the set of Water for Elephants, in 2010.

Reese Witherspoon previously posted behind-the-scenes footage from Big Little Lies on Twitter

Will you spot her tonight in What if it were true…?

Elizabeth Masterson is a conscientious and determined young emergency doctor who devotes herself entirely to her work, until she is the victim of a car accident, plunging her into an overwhelmed coma. Three months later, David Abbott, a young widower who has become lonely and alcoholic since the loss of his wife, moves into her apartment. It is in this place that a strange relationship begins between this man and the ghost of the missing young woman whom only he sees and hears.

David, convinced that he is crazy at first, has difficulty making Elizabeth understand that she is no longer at home, but at his. David finally agrees to help her investigate her past, which she has completely forgotten, and the causes of her condition. Despite this situation, they gradually develop reciprocal feelings…

TFX will rebroadcast this evening And if it was true…, the adaptation of Marc Levy's best-seller with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, released in 2005 at the cinema. The opportunity to reshare this funny slideshow, broadcast by the actress in 2018, when she was filming the second season Big Little Lies.

News of August 17, 2018: “We have a resemblance, don’t we?”having fun Reese Witherspoon share some on Twitter a selfie with his friend Marilee Lessley. And for good reason: Marilee has been Reese's regular understudy since And if it was true… “She is my understudy in five films and she is currently helping me on Big Little Lies, specifies the actress in a comment on her photo. Marilee, for her part, shared the full videoon his Instagram account.

The two women have actually known each other since The Blonde Strikes Back (Blonde Girl's Revenge 2) : they met on this shoot, in 2003. Too bad, you won't be able to try to spot her understudy on 6ter, from 9:05 p.m., the channel rescheduling Blonde's Revenge (2001). But she supported Reese well on And if it was true…rebroadcast at the same time on a competing channel.

The two women became more than just colleagues, when in 2016, Reese helped Marilee during a difficult time in her life. She publicly thanked her on social networks: “She learned that I was going through a tragedy, that my life was complicated at that time and she came to ask me if she could help me. I am grateful to her for her listening and her advice. I was touched by her big heart.”

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman will hit the jackpot with Big Little Lies 2

The actress of Wild is not the first star to highlight her understudy in this way. The stunt couple from Mad Max: Fury Road for example shared awesome behind the scenes photos from the George Miller film, in the costumes of Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, and Dwayne Johnson did the same with his understudy, who is none other than his cousin.

Dwayne Johnson: his cousin Tanoai Reed is his double

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