Resignations on the set of Tulsa King, Sylvester Stallone singled out

Resignations on the set of Tulsa King, Sylvester Stallone singled out

A casting agency in Atlanta, where the series is filmed, slammed the door after some of its extras were allegedly denigrated.

What's happening on the set of season 2 of Tulsa King ? While production began only a few days ago, a casting agency based in Atlanta has just slammed the door, following allegations against Sylvester Stallone and an anonymous director. They would have denigrated and disrespected the extras, that is to say certain actors in the background.

“We have chosen to leave Tulsa King. We will finish next week and April 12 will be our last day. We wish good luck to whoever takes over this series. We thank all the great background artists for your continued support” writes the Catrett Locke Casting agency in a scathing Facebook message.

According to Deadline, a post shared on a private Facebook group (bringing together actors from Atlanta) points the finger Sylvester Stallone and an anonymous director, who allegedly described the extras as “ ugly “, of ” jars of lard ”, or even “ big fat man with a cane “. In this same message, it is said that Stallone requested that the casting call on “ pretty young girls to surround him » in place of these extras. Production managers respond that they have no knowledge of these allegations but assure that they are investigating to maintain a “ fair and respectful workplace “.

The executive producer, Craig Zisk, still spoke in TMZ. Director on set during the alleged incident, he denies it outright and assures that no offensive words were uttered. According to him, the sequence required extras between the ages of 25 and 35, and Catrett Locke Casting would have brought in considerably older actors, whom they ended up using anyway. Zisk also denies that Stallone said anything about recruiting ” pretty girls », especially since his wife, Jennifer Flavin, was present during the filming.

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