Rick and Michonne back: a first teaser and a title for their Walking Dead series

Rick and Michonne back: a first teaser and a title for their Walking Dead series

The title of the new spin-off directly refers to the last line from the finale of The Walking Dead.

On the sidelines of Comic Con 2023the American channel AMC unveiled a first official teaser for the new series walking deadthe one that will bring together Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, aka the star-crossed lovers rick and michonne !

The video, strangely red, brings absolutely nothing and we just hear the warrior with the katana explain what we already knew: she left on a mission to find her lover, after discovering that he was still alive…

What is more interesting is the title finally chosen by the production. This new spin-off will no longer be called The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne, as had been suggested for a year. It will actually be called The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. A direct reference to the last line of the original series, spoken by Judith in the grand finale of Walking Dead, at the end of 2022.

The last seconds of this episode also showed us Rick trying to flee the CRM. We will see how he will achieve this in a limited series of six episodes which will be broadcast in 2024. No more precise date yet.

“This series presents an epic love story of two characters changed by a changed world.“, reads the official synopsis. “Kept apart by distance, by unstoppable power, by ghosts of who they were, rick and michonne are thrown into another world, built on a war against the dead… And finally, a war against the living. Can they meet? And find out who they were in a situation they’ve never known before?”

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