Rick & Morty: the completely destroyed trailer for season 7

Rick & Morty: the completely destroyed trailer for season 7

After the forced departure of Justin Roiland, we discover the new voices of Rick Sanchez and his grandson.

After Justin Roiland, accused of domestic violence, was fired by Adult Swim and Hulu, we wondered who would double Rick & Morty From now on. Because it was he, the co-creator of the series, who did the voices of the main characters in his animated show. The trailer for season 7 posted online today reveals the new voices… very close to the original voices!

Adult Swim does not specify who is doing the dubbing, but obviously, the artistic choice was to stay as close as possible to what had made the success of Rick and Morty during the first six seasons.

For the rest, it will be about the end of the world, the multiverse, disgusting Aliens, angry teenagers and the murder of Rick’s wife. A great classic in short.

Rick & Morty Season 7 launches October 15 on Adult Swim.

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