Robert Downey Jr. Supported Jeremy Renner After His Accident 'Like We Were Dating'

Robert Downey Jr. Supported Jeremy Renner After His Accident 'Like We Were Dating'

Robert Downey Jr wanted his friend to get back on stage to be able to follow the rest of the series, in which he is starring, Mayor of Kingstown.

Robert Downey Jr. won the prize in March, winning his first Oscar for his performance as the terrible Lewis Strauss In Oppenheimer (available on FirstMax). The biopic of Christopher Nolan experienced a Dantesque explosion, with 7 statuettes won during the ceremony. What is even more beautiful is that despite this success story, Robert Downey Jr. was able to find time for his loved ones throughout the ceremony season.

During an interview with People, Jeremy Renner mentioned the unwavering support he received from Robert Downey Jr., his sidekick in the Avengers gang. Remember, the Hawkeye interpreter came out in extremis from a terrible snowplow accident that occurred on January 1, 2023. The convalescent has since recovered his physical faculties, he is running again and does not rule out returning to the forefront. His colleague, interpreter of the unforgettable Iron Man at Marvel, was there for his friend:

He was telling me : 'Dude, the most important thing is that you look good. It doesn't matter how you feel, as long as you look good, that's all that matters.' We ended up having really good chats over FaceTime, like we were a couple or something“, laughs Jeremy Renner.

He's not the only Avengers to have accompanied the accident victim. Chris Evans And Scarlett Johansson went to the unfortunate man's bedside, a week after the accident.

Jeremy Renner confided that Downey J. was however the most present, detailing that his comrade is a fan of the series Paramount+, Mayor of Kingstownand that he was worried about whether he would be able to return in time to shoot the rest of the series, to avoid a cliffhanger unsustainable.

Robert said to me: 'You need to go back, we need to know what's going on', he was very comforting”, he adds, laughing.

The latter's wish could be granted since Jeremy Renner was able to put on the uniform again when returning to the show Taylor Sheridan, after a year of convalescence. Season 3 began filming in January, Jeremy Renner tried to be up to the task so as not to disappoint the fans.

First day on set…nervous today“, wrote the miraculous in a message on Instagram on Wednesday, January 10. “I hope this allows me to be REALLY successful for our production and, most importantly, for the fans.

Jeremy Renner says he is ready to return as Hawkeye

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