Anora, by Sean Baker, receives the Palme d'Or: The complete winners of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

Anora, by Sean Baker, receives the Palme d'Or: The complete winners of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

Jacques Audiard and all his actresses from Emilia Perez honored, Jesse Plemons prize for male performance, Mohammad Rasoulof “only” special jury prize…

After 12 days of intense competition, the 77th Cannes Film Festival ended with the traditional closing ceremony, animated as for that of the opening from last May 14 by Camille Cottin. To start the festivities off right, Meryl Streep was awarded an honorary Palme d'Or, and to end in style, it was the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, who had the right to this same public tribute. First with a speech inspired by the rolling credits of Star Warsthen with the presentation of the prize, by his friend Francis Ford Coppola.

Here are the images:

George Lucas: “You shouldn't ask the public what they want”

Several award ceremonies have been announced with a committed speech, whether to demand the release of hostages in the Hamas-Israel conflict, to defend women victims of crimes or the increasingly massive and worrying use of artificial intelligence in the world of cinema.

The thanks were just as striking, notably those of Karla Sofia Gascónthe transgender actressEmilia Perezby Jacques Audiard, who was honored alongside her sisters Selena Gomez, Adriana Paz And Zoe Saldana (“All of you who have made us suffer, now it is time for you to change”she said in particular, very moved), or the enthusiastic speech of Coralie Fargeat, rewarded for her shocking film The Substance.

Who is Karla Sofía Gascón, the revelation of Emilia Perez, by Jacques Audiard?

If he was absent, the male actor award honored Jesse Plemons, acclaimed for his role in Kinds of Kindnessshortly after having amazed the public with Civil War, by Alex Garland. In 2011, it was his partner Kirsten Dunst who won the same trophy, for Melancholiaby Lars Von Trier.

One of the big surprises of this 77th prize list is the Special Jury Prize awarded to Mohammad Rasoulof for Wild fig tree seeds, which many hoped to see Palme d'Or. Having just escaped from Iran, where he faces 8 years in prison, he delivered a strong speech, regretting not being able to be accompanied by all his actors, some being held in his country of origin.

The strong gesture of Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof at the Cannes Film Festival

“I am not Jacques Audiard”, the French filmmaker had fun while receiving the Jury Prize. His main actress having already made a long speech shortly before him, he quickly thanked the voters, the organizers, and his team (“My actresses were my reason for shooting every morning”), who has already received a Palme d’Or in the past, for Dheepanin 2015.

Then Payal Kapadia also greeted all her actressesAll we imagine as lighta film that tells the story of today's India in a feminine way.

To everyone's surprise, the president of the jury Greta Gerwig presented the Palme d'Or to Anoraby Sean Baker, the director of The Florida Project And Red Rocket. “This Palme d’Or is for all sex workers, past, present and future”he exclaimed, in relation to the subject of his film, “azimuth variation on Pretty Woman. This is the first American Palme d'Or since The Tree of Lifegiven to Terence Malick, in 2011.

Cannes 2024: Anora, the exhilarating burlesque and sexual odyssey by Sean Baker

The winners of the 77th Cannes Film Festival:

Palme d'Or : Anoraby Sean Baker

Grand Prize: All we imagine as lightby Payal Kapadia

Jury prize: Emilia Perezby Jacques Audiard

Prize for staging: Great tourby Miguel Gomez

Special jury prize: The Seed of the Sacred Figby Mohammad Rasoulof

Female Actor Prize: Overall Prize for Emilia Perez : Karla Sofia Gascón, Selena Gomez, Adriana Paz And Zoe Saldana

Male Interpretation Prize: Jesse Plemons For Kinds of Kindnessby Yorgos Lanthimos

Screenplay prize: The Substanceby Coralie Fargeat

Golden Camera: Armandby Hafldan Ullman Tondel

Palme d’Or for short film: The Men Who Could Not Remain Silencedby Nebojsa Slijepcevic

Special mention of the short film: Bad for a Momentby Daniel Soares

If you want to compare with the editorial's prize list (spoiler: we had it all wrong!), here are our favorites from this 77th Cannes Film Festival:

Cannes 2024: Emilia Perez, Anora, The Apprentice… the Premiere awards

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