Unicorn, “Ice crimes”, Taylor Swift and Ryan Gosling shirtless: new “all in one” teaser for The Fall Guy

Unicorn, “Ice crimes”, Taylor Swift and Ryan Gosling shirtless: new “all in one” teaser for The Fall Guy

“This film has everything!”, warns the director played by Emily “Motherfucking” Blunt.

It’s the story of a stuntman, and like all stuntmen, he gets shot, exploded, crushed, thrown out of windows and always falls higher and higher… to the delight of the audience. After an accident which almost ended his career, this anonymous cinema hero will have to find a missing star, foil a plot and try to win back the woman of his life while braving death every day on the sets. What’s the worst that could happen to him?

Just before Christmas, Universal unveiled the teaser of The Fall Guyadaptation for the cinema of the hit series from the 1980s, The Man Who Fallen. With Ryan Gosling as a stuntman ready to risk his life for the beautiful eyes of a director with whom he had a romance (Emily Blunt), these first images recalled Driveone of the key roles of the actor’s career, but more fun.

Here is a new video, with a slightly different concept:

The Fall Guy adapts The Fall Guy: “Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, it was obvious” (interview)

Combining love story and action cinema seems perfectly logical in the film from the creators of The Fall Guysince this comedy is directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Bullet Train…) from a scenario of Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3).

We find this same tone, an explosive mix of dangerous stunts and meta jokes about the film’s casting, in this new teaser for The Fall Guywho, in one minute, is tasked with proving that “this movie has it all”. Romance, action, aliens, drama (if possible punctuated by a sad Taylor Swift hit), swords, crumpled metal… but also “minerals”announces Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a unicorn (view of the astonishing photos from the shoot), but also a “fucking*** by Ryan Gosling”a “Emily Motherfucker Blunt” and a shirtless star, an obvious reference to the famous abs scene “photoshopped” of Crazy, Stupid Love, which made Emma Stone fall in love. Without forgetting checks, butt checks or “Ice crimes”not to be confused with ice creams to taste, of course!

The Fall Guy will be released in France on May 1st.

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