Robert Pattinson - Cosmopolis: sex, Binoche, Audiard and me

Robert Pattinson – Cosmopolis: sex, Binoche, Audiard and me

Twelve years ago, David Cronenberg's film made a lot of noise at Cannes. Flashback.

On May 25, 2012, the release of Cosmopolisof David Cronenberg, had caused a lot of ink to flow. Released in full “hype” Twilight (the final opus only arrived in cinemas in November of the same year), this project marked the opportunity for Robert Pattinson to prove that he was not afraid of works “shock” and ambitious. He demonstrated it again later by shooting for David Michôd (The Rover), James Gray (The Lost City of Z) or Robert Eggers (The Lighthouse), using its popularity to focus on ambitious arthouse films.

When France 4 rebroadcasts Cosmopolis as part of its Cannes cycle, we reshare the interview with its star, who at the time posed on the cover of First. You can also read our review of the new film by the Canadian filmmaker, The Shroudswhich he has just presented in competition.

You should now be aware : the special Cannes issue of First offered himself Robert Pattinson on the cover for an interview and an event photo shoot. Transfigured by David Cronenberg In Cosmopolis (in competition at Cannes and in theaters on Friday), the hero of Twilight shakes up (atomizes?) his image to deliver a stunning performance that will change everything. Have you devoured his epic interview in the magazine? Discover here exclusive and unpublished comments from our meeting with the star.

First: Is a part of you excited at the idea of ​​surprising the fans of Twilight who will see you in Cosmopolis ?
Robert Pattinson : When my casting in Cosmopolis was announced, I saw lots of people getting the book Don De Lillo. And it doesn't shock them at all that I'm in a film like this. On the contrary: I feel that they want to see us succeed, that we have success outside of the saga. They want us to be loved and respected. They are not fans like the others. They are not necessarily movie buffs, but I sense in them a desire to become one, they are interested in what we do, even if it is an unusual film like Cosmopolis. Actors who find themselves in popular hits or franchises often feel like they then have to do things at all costs to please “that” audience. But I think they underestimate the spectators. I know fans of Twilight want to adapt. It's not because you played in transformers that you have to limit yourself to this all your life.

The promotion of Cosmopolis promises to be… interesting. Hoping the interviews don't just focus on one scene.
I don't even see what scene they could reduce the film to…

I know…
That of the medical check-up, you think? That said, it's rather good promotion for the film: “So you get your prostate examined in Cosmopolis?” » (laughs). Whenever I have an erotic scene in a movie, even if it's the most common sex scene you can imagine, I know I'm going to hear about it…

In Cosmopolisthere is still one involving a taser.
The one at the hotel… We shot it in one take. Patricia (McKenzie), the actress, was very comfortable with her body. When rehearsing the scene, she took off all her clothes. I stood there in my underwear, super embarrassed! After filming, I went to see the cameraman to ask him: “Is it me, or was what just happened just super intense?” I almost felt like I was actually making love! » Sex sceneA History of Violence was already incredible. I don't know why, but David Cronenberg is particularly good at this. It's an astonishing specialty for a stage director, but it's his.

David Lynch is also good at this. It's funny, because when you see Lynch and Cronenberg, the first thing that comes to mind is not: “I'm sure these guys have great sex scenes. »
This is undoubtedly linked to this fascination that David has for the human body. Even in a movie like Videodromehe sexualizes everything – this orifice that James Woods a on the stomach still looks a lot like a vagina. And I can very well imagine David thinking about it and saying to himself “Mmm, I like it.” » We see less and less filmmakers having this confidence allowing them to display and explore their obsessions. It's like Tarantino with women's feet. It's his thing, he likes it and will therefore put it in his films. I'm not attracted to feet, but when he films those of Bridget Fonda In Jackie Brownit's sexy.

In Cosmopolisyou also receive a visit from Juliette Binoche in the limousine. She uses space very creatively…
Originally, the sex scene with Juliette was going to take place in a hotel room, but we found it more interesting to set it in the limousine. Before asking yourself an essential question: how to successfully shoot a sex scene in a limousine? Well you end up bumping all over the car (laughs). The worst part is that I met Juliette Binoche, who is one of my favorite actresses, just before shooting the sequence. And five minutes later, we were writhing in the limousine… Very strange. But yes, she really made the space her own.

And Matthew Amalricthe other Frenchman in the film?
He was great. I regret that it is mainly filmed in wide shots, because we don't take full advantage of all the crazy expressions he had. Does he work a lot in France?

Not enough. But he also realizes.
That does not surprise me. By the way, have you seen the trailer for Of rust and bone ? If only Audiard could decide to film in English… He is probably the greatest active director, capable of making cinema that touches the general public while being indisputably art. The performances in his films are the best, his action scenes are the best… Few filmmakers come close to his level, except perhaps James Graywith whom I dream of working.

What attracts you to a project today?
I want to make a film that will make people want to hang its poster on their wall. As Trainspotting at the time: everyone had this poster in their room, me first. It was a way of asserting one's identity. I dream of participating in projects that would inspire the same.
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