Russell Crowe can't stand being told about Gladiator 2: "I don't even play in it!"

Russell Crowe can’t stand being told about Gladiator 2: “I don’t even play in it!”

“I don’t know anything about the cast, I don’t know anything about the plot. I’m dead!”

“I should get paid for the number of questions I get asked about a movie I’m not even in!” Tired of being interrogated day and night about Gladiator 2, Russell Crowe had fun this weekend in front of the journalists of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. He explained that we had to stop talking to him about the next film of Ridley Scott in which it will not be:

“It has nothing to do with me. I’m not even in it! In the world of Gladiator, I am dead (Maximus at the end of the film). Six feet Under ground. But I admit to feeling a little jealousy, because it reminds me of when I was younger and what it meant to me, in my life.”

But Russell Crowe insists:

“I don’t know anything about the cast, I don’t know anything about the plot. I’m dead! All I know is that if Ridley decided to do a second part to this story, 20 years later, it’s “is that he had to have very good reasons. I don’t imagine that it could give anything other than a very spectacular film.”

It must be said that the Australian actor, who will be 60 years old in 2024, has a particular admiration for the 85-year-old British director: “When you’re in your 60s, you’re like, ‘Who the fuck is that guy in the mirror?’ in his job. Or maybe I’ll just quit, retire and you’ll never hear from me again. I haven’t decided yet… Those are both very valid choices!”

Retirement will wait a little longer. Russell Crowe will be very soon Kraven the Hunter in the cinema then the Nazi Hermann Göring, in the historical film Nürnberg.

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