Indiana Jones 5 fails to draw crowds at US box office

Indiana Jones 5 fails to draw crowds at US box office

The latest episode of Harrison Ford is content with an inglorious opening for its first weekend across the Atlantic, far from the expected box.

The retirement pot ofIndianaJones did not enthuse the Americans. The Dial of Destiny settled for a small $60 million opening in its first weekend in theaters across the Atlantic. A disappointing score in the general opinion, knowing thatIndiana Jones 5 was one of the most expensive films of all time. It cost $295 million before promo. Suffice to say that it will take some time before the project is profitable.

To compare, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skullin 2008, got off to a much more solid start with 100 million dollars in revenue for its launch in the USA.

At the global box office, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny totals $130 million after one week of operation. A relatively low score, weighed down by unimpressed reviews, according to analysts from the American press.

If Indy didn’t smash a big card, it’s even worse for Ruby the Teen Kraken. Dreamworks’ latest cartoon only came in at 6th position at the weekend’s US box office, opening at $5.2 million. A big historic flop for the studio.

In the same vein, The Flash a little darker. The latest DC blockbuster plunges to eighth place in the rankings and has still not exceeded 100 million dollars at the US box office (it is at 99.2 this Sunday) after… three weeks!

Finally, the only real satisfactions of the weekend in the United States are called Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse And Elementary.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Versethe animated film from Sony, takes another $11.6 million (for its fifth weekend) and has already totaled $340 million at the US box office and nearly $600 million worldwide.

Elementary is on the third step of the podium and reaches the milestone of 88 million dollars in North America (in 2 weeks) for 186 million dollars in worldwide receipts for the moment.

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